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Latest company case about Shenzhen Eanpower Technology LTD Certifications

292000mAh 300W Solar Portable Power Station For Camping


Latest company case about 292000mAh 300W Solar Portable Power Station For Camping

Solar Generator, Portable Power Station, Solar power station 300W, UPS Power backup for power outage, Electronic Generator, 292000mAh capacity 300Wh, AC 110V Outlet, DC12V, USB 5V 3A, Aluminium housing with worldwide insurance,battery for CACP/PC/Laptop/RV Camping/Emergency


1. Product advantages and features

Safe And Secure To Use

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Provide purer currents and prevent devices from crashing. Smooth currents waves can reduce noise, never disturb you. Can convert DC to AC, which is the power required by most devices. Many modified sine wave (MSW) inverters are cheap, but will lead to inconsistent current speeds and heat build-up, damaging the devices.

Intelligent MPPT Controller

With an integrated MPPT charge controller, the excess voltage is converted into an extra current, which results in more power going into the battery. Therefore, during hazy/winter days or when the battery charge is low, you reap the benefits when power is needed the most. It generates at least 20% more power than traditional controllers through solar energy.

Built-in BMS & Cooling Fan

Short Circuit Protection, Overcharging Protection, Over/Under Voltage Control, Over Current Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Low Battery Alarm, Cooling Fan