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China Shenzhen Eanpower Technology LTD
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Shenzhen Eanpower Technology LTD
Shenzhen Eanpower Technology LTD is a subsidiary of Ebulent. The company is committed to providing customers with safe, convenient and intelligent travel solutions and safer new energy product development. In 2021,it established the green and new energy brand "Eanpower" and intelligent and portable power station, advocating a green, simple and safe electricity-using ecosystem, and providing clean and renewable energy for tens of thousands of customers. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, manufacturing, sales. Independent research and development of big data platform, BMS power management, to provide a complete closed-loop energy storage technology value chain. It provides power swap&recharge services for two-wheeled electric vehicles, and provides convenient, intelligent and safe uninterrupted power swap&recharge services for users .Advocates green life, develops the research and development and manufacturing of outdoor power supply series of products, establishes a global sales network, channel promotion and a complete after-sales service system Product advantages and features High voltage AC output 110V-220V AC output, with home appliances, safe and reliable High conversion rate Up to 90% of the conversion rate, use aluminum alloy material with internal 3 efficient and low-noise heat dissipation fans, easy to heat dissipation, greatly improved product conversion rate. The discharge rate is up to 99.8% Most of the energy storage power supply below 500 on the market can only discharge 60% -70%. Our product can put the battery discharge 99.8% (the last grid of power automatically turns off) Support for charging while using While with electric supply inputting, priority is given to the power supply to the carrying equipments. When the electric supply failure occurs, The power supply can be automatically switched in 5MS to power the equipment to achieve its continuous work without power interrupted and dropping line A variety of charging methods Solar charging Charger charging Safety certification The built-in battery is certified by MSDS / UN383, and can be certified by CE/FCC/ROHS/PSE, etc Countries such as Europe, America and Japan can rest assured to sell and support sea and air express delivery and other channel delivery. Multiple output interfaces Super compatible, can adapt to use a variety of application environments
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